Bootcamp Sessions

Check out one of our Bootcamp sessions on Google Maps and more information below:

Bootcamp Information

All fitness levels are welcome. You don’t need to be fit, you just need to want to get fit.
When: Sessions times are 6am and 6pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sessions are based outdoors and run for 60 minutes. Participants sign up for a 6-week block of Bootcamp sessions and can do a maximum of 18 sessions (participants can do a combination of morning and night, whatever suits them best on the day).
Where: Montrose Bay High School Football Oval, Foreshore Road, Rosetta TAS (formally known as Rosetta High School).

See Google Maps at the right for directions.

During bad weather we have an onsite indoor option.

Who’s Welcome: Everyone 16 years and over, who wants to improve their fitness level.
What to Bring: A drink, appropriate footwear (running shoes) and comfortable clothing (T-shirt, singlet, shorts etc).
What’s Involved: All sessions contain cardio and resistance exercises which may include running and boxing; core work; body weight exercises; rope work and kettlebells.
Participants do a new session every day, continuously learning new exercises – so you will not get bored! You are challenged to push the boundaries of your fitness to enable you to reach your fitness and health goals, as well as having fun along the way.
Each session is structured to provide you with an intense workout, and strive to teach you how to build new habits, and to help change your lifestyle.
Fitness Australia We are a member of Fitness Australia.

To book a Bootcamp Program, choose the dates below that suit and order online. Alternatively, you can call Mark on 0400 308 448.